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I have friends that I've known for 30+ years. Yesterday, one sent out a text saying she was in the ER with heart attack symptoms. She was alone and afraid. I was the friend available to go, so I went.
I was with her for about 3 hours. Her mother called her twice, but she said they wouldn't come to the hospital until she got the results of her tests back. I drove through rush hour traffic to get there so her daughter would not be alone in the ER. She was right there in town, with no real reason not to go.
She was admitted so I told her to let her mother know, and then she came to the hospital. When her parents got there, I left. 
I feel very sorry for my friend because she had to call her friends. I was taught that you never leave a loved on alone in the ER. What would you have done?

Please help.

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